I provide translations from English, French and Spanish into German including not only smaller, certified translations of the following documents ...

  • work certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • birth certificates
  • school certificates
  • etc.

... but also larger translations in following areas of specialization:

  • business
  • fashion
  • tourism
  • cosmetics
  • marketing
  • etc.

For translations from English, French and Spanish into German I usually cooperate with external linugists who translate into their mother tongue.


The calculation of the price for a translation depends on quite a number of criteria, such as the ...

  • difficulty of the text
  • length of the text
  • urgency of the translation
  • formatting complexity


The price calculation is based on a standard line (55 characters) of the target text or one word of the source text.


A small extra amount will be calculated for certified translations.


For rush and overnight orders and orders at the weekend or on holidays a surcharge of 30-50 % will be added.

I gladly send you a free and non-binding offer.

Please send me your texts (preferably via email) and you will receive an individual offer soon.

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